Guitar Embassy
is an enterprise of dynamic tuition and guidance in the music instruments
such as Guitar (Electric/ Acoustic/ Classic), Bass,
in the Music Theory and in the Music Practice.


Its object
is teaching and promoting the art of music as a language -
the primordial human language, the Supra Lingua - and
its expression through a musical instrument.


Its method
is a continuous parallel of practice and theory,
based on the music "science" and opening gates
to wide horizons of personal expression.


Its program
includes: the theoretical and practical fundamentals,
hand techniques, rhythm, chord theory and all the chords as
a dictionary, chord coherence in scales (current or invented),
scale analysis and use, improvisation etc. All of this is supported
by exercises with pieces of your choice (chords + solos)
in a variety of styles.


Its courses
are given by a team led by the 'Guitar Ambassador'*, a teacher with
music education and more than 20 years of professional music
activity and experience. He is passionate to give knowledge and
experience to those students who are well motivated to
become citizens of the fascinating Realm of Music.


Its international activity
is developed and directed from it's head quarter
seated in Belgium, Brussels' area.

* Here in brief the extraordinary story of a career
choice. Being a person with good understanding in
math-physics, the 'Guitar Ambassador' first started
engineering studies. In parallel, he always played
the guitar in bands and gigs. But a moment came
when he saw himself, after 4 years of studies, as
one of the worse students in engineering ! Then he
understood that, becoming a bad civil engineer,
could be as dangerous as being a bad pilot to fly a

|  Jumbo Jet full with passengers!  This was frightening
|  and unacceptable. At that point he took the hard decision
|  to renounce to his engineering career, to find a music
|  teacher and be prepared for the entry exams of a
|  real Music School. He did this and was accepted as
|  the third one in a considerable list of candidates! There
|  was the beginning. And thatís how his dream - making
|  the music professionally and spiritually a main part of
|  his life - came true.


Guitar Embassy teaches the Supra Lingua spoken in the Realm of Music.
The Supra Lingua breaks barriers and limits!
It's in the Realm of Music where West, East, North and South
are brought to meet together.
That's how Guitar Embassy builds bridges between people and peoples.