Have you ever had a thought like this: 
 "What if there was only ONE language in the world?" 

"sha-sha-boo"!... You get into a dream 
 with no language barriers, no expression limits! 
 One language, one 'Supra Lingua'! 
 How much more FREE and EASY life can be! 
 Human relations, friendship and love 
 become just as nice as in a myth… 

 What a nice dream, isn't it? 

Wake up 
 and come back to reality. 
 There is no such a language, it was only a dream! 
 But... somebody can come and heal you from 
 the bad feel of clashing with reality. 
Who ?... 
 Guitar Embassy

 Guitar Embassy provides you with the “magic” means 
 to occasionally replace any language by one 'Supra Lingua'. 
 No barriers, no limits
, the Supra Lingua breaks them all. 
 It brings the West, the East, the North and the South 
 to meet together. 

 Guitar Embassy
builds bridges to people and peoples 
by teaching the Supra Lingua which is… MUSIC.