A stand point

The world has always lived in the presence of |
music. Today, due to the music industry and |
highly developed media, we are even constantly |
surrounded by it. Unfortunately this doesn't mean |
we always get the good parts. The commercial |
demon riding on the generally low level of musical |
knowledge often produces sad results. You could |
say: "this is it, the human culture is following its |
natural development." Well, if the situation was |
such for sciences like chemistry, physics or math, |
the humanity would possibly still live in caves. |
"Ok, but the fire, the wheel, the computer made |
life much safer than music", you would say again. |
That's true, I won't argue.
But just think, whether |

at home, in our car, at our workplace or around a
barbecue, we all listen to music! Isn't that true
too? In addition, we know that music acts as a
catalyst to all psychical states and development
of a person. Even in ancient Sparta, that military
bastion, they knew this and taught music among
tough martial disciplines in school !
... Now, if we need to make a choice in music, as
with everything in life, we'd want to have the best.
But if we are inexperienced, we often feel like "the
odd man out". This happens often. Here one can
see the importance of better musical education.
From this stand point the Bass Embassy has built
up its policy of action.