GERO - Guitar Embassy's Rock Orchestra

So, you've heard those symphonic orchestras or jazz big-bands and the
polyphonic sound they produce. Many different instruments play together
in perfect co-ordination. GERO is a similar idea but in a smaller, rock form.
Groups of instruments like guitars, basses, keyboards, drums and singers,
are invited to join and play together. The music is written and distributed
in separate parts for each group of instruments. Every musician has their
own sheet of music with which to practice and get familiar with. Different
types of music pieces (popular, folk, classical), or own compositions, can be
re-written and musically arranged in a modern rock style.
The result can be really impressive. When good work is done, small concerts
can be organized to perform on stage. This is the exciting experience with
GERO - the Guitar Embassy's Rock Orchestra.

Participation is free (remember, you must only bring your highest musical
enthusiasm and your best friendly attitude). Rehearsals are at the Guitar
Embassy's location or at your drummer's place.