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There is more than just lessons. Mini-workshops are organised too.
And there's even more... Read what follows.

Mini-workshops: practice
If you have a band with friends or if you want to live the exciting experience to
join and play in a band, you get a chance with the guidance of Guitar Embassy.
Mini-workshops are organized (during some weekends or holidays once or twice
a month) for work together in a band. Band mates are Guitar Embassy's students
(or guest persons) with comparable level of instrument skilfulness. Well known
rock pieces, or even compositions of your own, are put in structure and played.

Mini-workshops: theory
Surely, there are many of you out there, who already play quite well an instrument
and always wanted but never had the opportunity or the time to learn about this
mystery, the music theory. Guitar Embassy organizes short series of theoretical
lessons to cover that lack. No matter what instrument you play, the theory is the
same for all instruments - remember, one language, the Supra Lingua! The material
is centred on pure theory: note recognizing, reading and writing, timing, rhythm,
music intervals, chord structure, scales and scale-to-chords relation. In two words,
the music fundamentals. No matter your age, your work, your believing, your
favourite sport, or famous star... doesn't even matter what colour of eyes you have!... ;-)

You've heard those symphonic orchestras or jazz big-bands and the polyphonic
sound they produce, haven't you? Well… it's time you hear about GERO.
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