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Mini-workshops: practice

The prices are insignificant, actually 10/ 9/ 8 per person, depending on
the number of persons. The time duration of a session is about 2 hours, at the
Guitar Embassy's location, or at your drummer's place.

Mini-workshops: theory
The series of lessons are organized into units and are given to groups of students.
The whole material is presented in a total of 3 units: basic, middle and advanced
(depending on how far the students want to go in). Each unit has a total length
of +/-8 hours, slightly depending on the number of students. The units are divided
into equal sessions of 2 hours, made in weekends, or in fixed days during holidays.
Inscriptions are made for the weekends (or the holidays) of each quarter starting
in October, January and April and are limited, as limited as the physical ability of
a teacher to the number of students to give good attention to. The prices are
per 2 hour session and per person (maximum 6 persons) as follows:

2 students
32 each
3 students
27 each
4 students
22 each
5 students
18 each
6 students
16 each

GERO is expensive in a special way. It's a FREE participation, but it charges you
with the expense of your highest musical enthusiasm and your best friendly attitude!
Bare this in mind. Check it well here:


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