Prices and conditions

Other schedules

According-To-Your-Budget classes and/or Floating classes

Below are some examples of other schedules given as monthly budget.

 According-to-your-budget weekly classes
(time in minutes per week)

Small Budget

Middle Budget

Intensive Budget

35'/week => 98/month

45'/week => 126/month

60'/week => 165/month

40'/week => 112/month

50'/week => 140/month

70'/week => 195/month



Floating classes
 (time in minutes per month, suggested in 2 or 3 classes) *


Small Budget

Middle Budget

Intensive Budget

90'/month => 59/month

120'/month => 77/month

160'/month => 103/month

100'/month => 65/month

140'/month => 90/month

180'/month => € 116/month


These prices are for classes at the teachers place and, usually, on
a 'once in a week' or 'once in 2 weeks' basis.

(*) Price paid in advance for the month. For classes at the students place,
please add the Extra charge (traveling time) from the table of regular classes.


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