Prices and conditions

Regular classes

The regular classes can be given at the teacher's or at the student's place.
The following possibilities exist:

=>  individual classes:  1 student
=>  micro-group* classes:  max 3 students

* 'Micro-groups' can only be made with beginners or students having
the same level of music and instrumental experience.

Time: The classes can take place at any time during lunchtime, the afternoon,
or in the evening. It is preferable to fix a regular day and hour.


Prices for the regular classes in this school year (2019-2020)
(Price per a class. One class per week as usual frequency)




\\ Classes



Students \\

Low intensity
30 min class

45 min class

High intensity
60 min class

Extra charge
for travelling time
(when going to the
student’s place)

At the teacher’s place

At the teacher’s place

At the teacher’s place



Individual class




+ € 11

+ € 13

2 students

16 each

22 each

27 each

+ € 8 each

+ € 10 each

3 students

13 each

16 each

22 each

+ € 6 each

+ € 8 each


General conditions:

No inscription fee is required.
The first regular class is offered for free as a welcome present.

Payment can be made on a class by class basis,
or for a number of classes in advance.

A missed class, could be recovered only in case of serious reasons
(illness, school exams, family urgency) or if you have advised
Guitar Embassy at least 1 day in advance.  In all other cases a missed class
should be considered as due and should be paid as a normal class.

/!\ Last but not least, if you don’t have a guitar, DON’T buy it alone -
       I assist to help my students (and parents) to make the best choice.

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